Kent Kindness involvement with educational and informational projects

In addition to the work we do in the reception centre, Kent Kindness is involved with a number of projects in the world of education and information,  often in partnership with other organisations and groups.

Some examples:

  • Producing and piloting a course aimed at the gentle relief of the distressing symptoms of trauma – the particularity of the course is that it is for those with only a relatively simple knowledge of English.
  • Working on printed material explaining the basic life skills needed to live in the UK (the asylum process, health care, basic rules of courtesy etc).
  • Setting up an educational drop-in “clinic” to support young refugees and asylum seekers in their school and college courses.

Extending the work of Kent Kindness


Kent Kindness is about to start working to support some of the Syrian families who have been resettled in our region.

We are keen to join in with some of the other organisations already active in this field.  Our main specialism remains helping with tuition in ESOL and giving cultural information needed to live in our community, but we are looking forward to discovering what else is needed and what we can do.  We are pleased to have received permission from the Charity Commission to add a second Objective to our charter to allow us to do that.

Duke of Edinburgh for Kent Kindness


Huge thanks to a student at Cranbrook School who has raised £95 for us through doing various jobs as the Service element of his Bronze DofE scheme.  He has worked hard over a period of months doing tasks such as car washing and dog walking, and raised a really good total. We much appreciate the donation, and even more the support for Kent Kindness from a person the same age as the young men we are trying to help. Inspiring for us all!

Kent Kindness offers support and hope to young asylum seekers and refugees who are living in Kent. Our central project is to give them classes in life skills and basic English, but we are also involved in offering them a range of other educational, sporting and social opportunities.